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Case Studies

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Here are the featured works.

Software & Marketing

Company-specific software was developed to manage digital marketing processes. More than 6,000 pieces of customer information were provided to the company through multi-channel digital campaigns.


Software & Marketing

Mobile app download campaigns and company-specific software were developed. By establishing the training platform, advertising operations were carried out to attract more than 10,000 users.



Campaigns and operations were carried out in the field of e-commerce. Platforms were established for the company to export its products.



The company's advertising campaigns were managed periodically, resulting in a 70% increase in domestic sales. Thanks to the other digital channels created, the company's revenues increased.


Software & Marketing

After establishing the company's technology and infrastructure, digital advertising campaigns were carried out with a focus on awareness. The number of the company's food delivery subscribers has doubled.


Software & Marketing

Campaigns were carried out in marketplaces for the company's product sales, both domestically and internationally. Multilingual sites were developed for brand awareness, and foreign customers were brought to the company.

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