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Chasing Our Dreams

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What We Value


For us, the secret to progress is to start and move forward without fear of making mistakes.


Pixmid is its people. Pixmid is a community of ambitious people from many different backgrounds and disciplines.


We reach tens of thousands of people by creating products they love and making them accessible.

Going towards our 

Over three years ago, we set out with a dream: to bring our technology to people all over the world and help them surpass their potential.

We are continually improving our services and reaching an ever-growing number of people.


Our journey

Pixmid was founded on the dream of creating a global consumer technology company from Kayseri. In 2019, we set out with the vision of planting seeds for the future.

​ ​

Our goal at Pixmid is to bring together people with high talents, strong values and the will to shape Pixmid's story.

​ ​

We chose Growth Hacking as our first and main focus area to start making our big dreams come true. We believe we can reach billions of people around the world with the right product.


Since 2019, we have introduced technology to many  businesses. Through digital marketing, we have exceeded potentials.


We always place progress, learning and becoming a better team at the heart of our decision making.

Ready to join us ? 

The Meaning of Pixmid

Pi: The number pi represents infinity and circular perfection in mathematics. This symbolizes our company's continuous quest for innovations and solutions, and our aim to always progress in the world of digital marketing and software.

X: In mathematics, "x" represents an unknown value. The x at the center of pi signifies Pixmid's ability to address every problem with an analytical and scientific approach, and its capacity to discover and solve the unknown.

Mid: The word "mid" means "middle." This indicates that Pixmid is a central and reliable solution partner for our clients. Our company places the needs of our clients at the very heart of our digital marketing and software solutions, providing them with the most appropriate and effective solutions.

This explanation emphasizes that Pixmid places its clients at the center of its operations, focusing on their needs and providing reliable solutions.

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